The Band

We've come a long way

It was 2008 when we first grouped together. 

As all rock bands we just wanted to play as much as we could. Fighting with each other on where to start, which sound, and which one was the right rif to fit into the song… even thou no song was written yet. 

No budget, a bunch of instruments that we already had, the equipment gathered from other bands and music lessons.

Bocia (then) the frontman – the screamer

Bocia (now)

Our first studio was no more than a stockroom. 

Walls covered with egg boxes. No heating nor airconditioning and no beer as we needed to stay focused!

Tado (then) the youngest member – the good looking one

Tado (now)

As we plowed along playing, the sound and the genre became clear. 

We followed the footsteps of the great bands before us trying to get along with their style as much as creating our own

Fox (then) the core – schissorhands

Fox (now)

Playing together wasn’t an easy task. 

A lot of different ideas, harmony and synchronicity to be found and many riffs that worked fine on their own but could hardly find a match one another.

Space (then) the eclectic – the accountant

Space (now)

Every member of the group contributed equally to the end result. 

Space, who is very well trained in music theory made a very important piece bringing up the official sound. 

Checco (now) – the missing piece

When we think of a missing piece we think of Checco.

He arrived when we had all the ingredients but we couldn’t find the recipe. He carried along what we needed to be the group we wanted to

…and then full songs started to shower 

Professional studio singles one after another. And then full albums… and then we could not stop anymore 

Concerts and radio interviews followed closely

Being asked for interviews in big radio channels, or being called for big gigs just sounded unreal. 

We had no real promotional material, no merchandise, no real manager and we all had other jobs… but this had to be done ‘cause we fought for it!

Press releases and magazines bigger than we expected talked about us

We hardly knew how to answer questions as we had never been on that side of the microphone, but damn! ….was it exiting!

The Sepultura tour was mental!

Hotels and cars waiting for us… I mean, really?! 

Codiv pandemic stopped our tour, but it gave us more time to work 

We came out with more singles and more videos

…and the new album Collapse for which we will have a release party on April the 2nd 2022

Come see us at the Release Party! 

Rock with us, scream with us and come party with us!  

We are the same boys as before… just a little older